Company Profile

Our company was established by industry professionals who saw an opportunity to make improvements in the way elevator services are provided. 

Most major elevator companies respond to increasing profit goals by decreasing the frequency of maintenance visits and the level of customer service. Despite these cost savings, many companies have continued to raise prices. 

Potomac Elevator is committed to keeping the workload on our associates manageable so they can be as effective as possible. This allows for more frequent maintenance visits and more personalized customer service, all of which can be scheduled in advance, at your convenience. 

Potomac Elevator provides timely documentation and transparency regarding what service we provide and when. With the use of our fully integrated accounting, dispatching, and reporting software, we provide 24/7 password-protected access to all work completed on your elevator system. More importantly, we develop and maintain a group of clients who are truly satisfied with the elevator service they receive and the price they are paying.

Supporting Our Community

Potomac Elevator hires locally and contributes to the economy of the DC/Baltimore local areas. Our business is headquartered in the District of Columbia, and our staff operates from that location. That is part of our broader commitment to support and strengthen the local economy and create employment opportunities in both Washington and Baltimore.

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Potomac Elevator Company is a leader in elevator maintenance, upgrades & repairs for the Greater DC & Baltimore Areas.


DC Metro Area(202) 244-2333

Baltimore(410) 837-0000