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Potomac Elevator is an independent elevator company established by industry professionals. Throughout our careers we saw steadily increasing profit goals impact the amount of maintenance and customer service provided to contractual clients— clearly the most important customers to any elevator company. 

We feel strongly that we have a better way of providing elevator maintenance services. We provide superior value by using our knowledge of the industry to tailor maintenance programs to meet each customer's needs. 

Our experience tells us that transparency, accountability, and value are most important to maintenance purchasers. We will recommend maintenance intervals based on customer input, equipment type, age, and usage. We can even schedule maintenance visits when it is most convenient for your building and provide a written schedule of what tasks are going to be completed on each visit, in advance. 

We are accountable to you. At the end of each visit we will provide a time ticket denoting tasks completed and any issues that require follow-up. In addition, we will record all work into our online database which is updated daily, and available for customer access via a password-protected website. On an annual basis, we will have our field operations manager survey your elevators and provide a written report of any outstanding issues or recommendations for future work. 

As an International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) signatory company, we maintain the highest quality standards by only using trained, licensed mechanics that understand and appreciate your business. 

Potomac Elevator Company is in business to improve the quality, accountability, and ultimately, the value of elevator maintenance purchased by our customers. Our success is determined by the quality of the maintenance product we provide and the group of satisfied customers we develop and maintain.